Doctoral thesis corporate social responsibility

Financial Services Institutions and Corporate Social

While the early focus of this research stream was on developing understanding based on an examination of CEO and T demographic variables such as age, gender, and tenure (Haleblian and Finkelstein, 1993; Kor, 2003; Zhang and Rajgopalan, 2010), in the last few years interest has grown in examining how the personality (e.g., Ridge and Ingram, 2014) and values (e.g., Chin et al., 2013) of corporate leaders affect strategy and outcomes.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an increasingly snificant element in contemporary business.

Corporate Social Responsibility from an Emerging Market

2014 dissertation for MSc in International Business Management.

Corporate social responsibility in sustainable development

It critiy examines the role of societal pressures as drivers of Shell's CSR agenda, and explores the forms of relationships existing between Shell and its stakeholders in Neria, as the company implements its CSR programme, both in the lht of its strategic business objectives and of its social responsibilities and environmental liabilities.

Doctoral thesis corporate social responsibility:

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